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Rishi Sunak protests against proposed British law of illegal immigrants

London, Mar 28, (Fast Mail News):-- Voices of opposition are rising over the proposed law against immigrants who enter the UK illegally. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Home Minister Suella Braverman had to face slogans in this matter and some protesting people also asked them to return.


Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunkar is making laws to crack down on illegal immigrants entering Britain through small boats. In Britain, a large number of illegal migrants are coming in boats from the English Channel, special provisions have been made in the law to prevent them.


Under the new law, the Home Secretary of Britain has been given the responsibility to stop illegal immigrants coming to Britain through boats. Also, illegal immigrants living in Britain will be sent back. Rishi Sunak has also said that stopping illegal migrants coming to Britain by boats is his first priority. Illegal migrants will no longer be able to live in the UK. The British Prime Minister said that illegal migrants are not good for UK taxpayers, for people who came to UK legally. At the same time, it also benefits UK criminal gangs.


Voices of protest against Sunak are becoming vocal within Britain on this issue. Sunak and Braverman, accompanied by police officers on the High Street in Chelmsford, were protested by some people. In this regard, in a viral video, a woman is shouting that let the migrants come to our country. Go away, we don't want you here. However, the two leaders ignored it and continued talking among themselves. After a walk of just over five minutes, Sunak was taken to Chelmsford Boxing Club where he addressed the gathering and answered questions about his anti-social behavior action plan. Police have been given additional powers to curb and punish drug-related crimes and criminal activities under the Anti-Social Behavior Action Plan.

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