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Death toll from landslide in China rises to 34

BEIJING:  The death toll from a landslide in China's southwestern Yunnan province has risen to 34, with three more bodies found by rescuers, state-run media said on Wednesday.

On Monday, Chinese authorities reported that at least 47 people were buried alive when a landslide struck Liangshui village in Zhaotong city outskirts.

Local authorities announced that 34 bodies have been discovered, with 13 people still missing, Chinese broadcaster CGTN reported.


 Despite snowfall and cold weather in the region, approximately 1,000 rescue workers have been conducting search and rescue operations, it added.

More than 900 residents were evacuated and relocated to safer areas after the provincial commission for disaster reduction activated a level-3 emergency response for disaster relief, according to the broadcaster.

This is not the first time a devastating landslide has hit the area. In 2013, at least 46 people were killed when a massive landslide struck another village near Zhaotong.

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