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Australian Woman Claims 4 Years Old Son Remembers His Death Story Before Birth

 A shocking story has come to light in Australia. A blogger claimed that his four-year-old son remembered the events of his death. The blogger told that one day suddenly her son started saying that he had died when he was growing in her womb. He came to them after death.  Then he came into her womb again. At first the woman did not believe her son's words, but when he narrated the story of death and life, she started crying bitterly. She hugged her son to her chest.

According to The Mirror report, Laura Maja is a parenting blogger. On social media, people know her as The Mom on the Run. She revealed on Facebook that her four-year-old son, Luca, claimed he remembered that his mother had an abortion before he was born. She told how he died in her womb.



 Laura said, 'My younger son Luca is four years old. He is very cheerful. One day he asked, Mom, do we live in Australia? I replied yes. Then Luca said that I lived in your stomach. Hearing this, Laura explained that he once lived in her stomach, but now lives in Australia. Luca was not ready to accept. He said yes mom, I lived in your stomach. But then I died. Laura was shocked to hear this from Luca. He asked what do you mean, you are here. He said no mummy, I came in your womb and then I died. I was looking for you, but I couldn't find you. Went to your house, I went everywhere, but when I called you you couldn't hear me. Then I was sad, but then I became an angel. I was Missing You. That's why I wanted to get back to you. Then I became a child again and was born in your womb.

Laura could not understand what her son wanted to say. That's why she started crying bitterly. Laura told that this is a completely true incident. I was pregnant. Treatment was going on. One day I had a terrible stomach ache. Suddenly bleeding started. Due to this, the baby in the womb had died.

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