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Food prices soar upto 65% in one year: Jairam Ramesh

 NEW DELHI: Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has cornered the Modi government at the centre on 65% rise in prices of food items including onion and potato in the country within a year.

Sharing a newspaper headline on inflation on his X handle, Jairam Ramesh wrote, "Whatever  left is inflation. Potato, onion, tomato, vegetables, pulses are the need of every household kitchen, in which inflation is continuously making new records. But one-third of the Prime Minister is completely careless and unconcerned. He does not even say the 'M' of inflation."

The Congress leader further said, amidst rising unemployment, people are being hit doubly by high inflation. Till when will the people bear the brunt of inflation? Answer 'Inflation is silent' Modi ji.

According to the latest report, the price of essential commodities has increased by 65% ??in the last one year. The prices of vegetables have increased so much that they have started disappearing from kitchens.

According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the prices of onion, potato and tomato have increased the most. Apart from these, rice, pulses and other food items have also become very expensive.



 How much did the prices of food items increase in the last 1 year?

On June 21 last year, the price of rice was Rs 40 per kg, which has now increased to Rs 45 per kg.

The price of moong dal has increased by 10 percent from Rs 109 to Rs 119 per kg.

Masoor dal has increased from Rs 92 to Rs 94 and the price of sugar has increased from Rs 43 to Rs 45 per kg.

Milk has also increased from Rs 58 to Rs 59 per liter.

Cauliflower is being sold at Rs 80 per kg in the retail market.

Parwal is also Rs 60 per kg in the retail market.

Goddess is being sold at Rs 60 per kg.

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